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About Reiki

Art and Soul Reiki Donegal

 Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. To explain in it simplicity, we have all experienced life energy, we know those who raise the energy of a room and those who deplete it. Reiki is a natural safe alternative approach to healing, which helps the body to bring balance to the root cause of disease and imbalance. It can be used effectively, to work with physical, emotional and energetic conditions, it is non invasive and can work in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  

With Reiki, the practitioner (acting as a conduit) transmits a positive gentle flow of energy, through their hands to the client, to help the release these blockages to accelerate the energy flow creating, healing of body, mind, spirit and aid relaxation. It is fast gaining respect within the medical community, rolled out in hundreds of top hospitals across the world.  If you feel you would enjoy the benefits of a treatment,  feel free to message me for current availability or further information. Discounts available for Pets.                  

 "Within every day, there is an opportunity

to change your life,

one good choice after another"

My Treatments


Advanced Reiki session. 

in person 1 hour +

This is a pre Reiki treatment where ongoing physical pain or deep rooted issues may require extra encouragement to leave the body to be healed, this will be followed by a Reiki healing treatment. This usually takes longer than a regular session. I can answer any questions you have regarding this.

This is a 50-60min session. Crystals have been used for thousands of years in almost every part of the world for energy work and healing and used today in modern technology to promote energy current. The charged crystals amplify the Reiki energy.

Distance Reiki healing.

Reiki energy is amazing to me as it works with our without the client present, recipients reporting a similar experiences as an in person session. Permission from the recipient or guardian is required.

10% disc o.a.p and students

In Person Reiki Session

Reiki healing session in person.

This is a 50-60min session in a relaxed environment, where I will transmit Reiki energy to the areas of the body that I am intuitively guided to work with, to remove blocks and balance the body's energy.


Not knowing what to expect, but willing to try, I booked a Reiki session with Joan, I had never experienced anything like it before, I could feel the pain leaving by body and I was able to move allot more freely.  I'm definitely going back !

Beautiful experience in a lovely relaxed space with Joan's gentle healing and positive energy. lovely experience, would highly recommend it.

  I had a Reiki Distance session with Joan, the tears were rolling down my face but I wasn't upset, I felt so much lighter and calmer in myself afterwards. It really helped me and the situation to heal.

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